This is my free space to jot down my thoughts while traveling around the country supporting artists and technicians as their touring company manager. You may find blog articles, poems, photos, funny anecdotes, etc. Think of this as a glimpse into my brain while on tour!


One of the first things I told the company of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story is how I view my role as company manager. I told them that my job is to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible while on tour. Tour life is difficult. Hotel to hotel, long hours in a van, and very little down time to truly relax. As the company manager-and as a human being-I have a knack for remembering peoples' quirks and small details. I hold onto this information and let it inform how I interact with people. I might recognize that someone is a little off one day and reach back in my memory and get them their favorite snack or a little trinket from a truck stop. If it lightens their mood-even for a brief moment-I find that a success!

This also helps with logistics in planning a tour. For example: if you know that a company member prefers two queen beds instead of a single king and you can make that happen, why not do it? 


Now that Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story 2022 has come to an end, I've had a bit of time to reflect on the experience and how to grow from it.

This tour was, at times, not easy, but that's ok-we stuck together and put on a great show for each audience! I decided to make a list of five things that I learned to not take for granted while on a one-nighter, van and truck tour. 

1. Every time you get out of the van, stretch! Sitting in close quarters for long periods of time takes a massive toll on your body. Focus on your calves, lower back, hips, etc.

2. Whenever possible, pack the night before. The few times we had multiple days in a hotel, I got in the habit of packing up the night before and leaving only the next day's clothes and my toiletries out. This saves you the hassle and decreases the likelihood that you'll forget something in your room.

3. Use a carry-on bag as your daily bag. I would keep my big bag in the trailer most of the time and swap clothes as necessary. This saves you time and energy: both valuable assets while touring.

4. If you have a hotel room with particularly great water pressure, bask in that luxury! Take a shower before bed AND in the morning-go nuts!

5. People get tired. People get cranky. It's part of life, it's part of touring. If you're on the receiving end, don't take it personally. If you are cranky towards someone, check back in and apologize. Remember, your tourmates are your support system-don't hurt your support system!